10 Ways to Be Kind This World Kindness Day

As we approach World Kindness Day amid a year filled with difficult times and strong emotions, we need kindness more than ever. We need to be kind to ourselves, and to our loved ones, but especially to strangers.

A good deed is what we do with a good heart. Our goodness encourages us to help others. In this way, we become more altruistic. There are many ways to do a good deed every day. 


Whether they are humanitarian, research or animal protection associations, most charities goals are the same: to make lives better. By making donations, you participate in these missions.  

Some people have no home, no job and even no family. Making donations therefore serves to give to people who need it. It is not always mandatory to make a financial donation, often donations of toys, clothing, and other bits and bobs are very welcome. It is better to give them to an association than to let them gather dust at home.

Moreover, a simple donation makes it possible to carry out many things such as financing various projects or paying employees. By making a donation, you help the development of associations, and you therefore provide them with indispensable support. 


Volunteering means sharing the values of mutual aid and solidarity. It also allows you to improve your skills and encourages others to benefit from your knowledge.

But volunteering also makes it possible to get out of your comfort zone by performing new tasks or carrying out new projects that you would not normally do. Taking on new challenges means giving yourself the opportunity to measure your limits and surpass yourself! It is good for morale and it allows us to accomplish ourselves. 

Volunteering is even good for health! Indeed, it allows you to develop yourself through the sense of satisfaction you get. But it also helps to get to know each other better and to have even more self-confidence. 

You can search for local volunteer opportunities in Glasgow.

Listen to others 

Whether it’s with family, friends or within a company, the most important thing is to listen to others. Listening is one of the most important aspects of human relationships and it is a sign of esteem and respect for the person you are listening to. Indeed, everyone likes to feel important and respected. In addition, listening helps some people who are suffering too.  

Offering an attentive ear shows the other person that you understand what they mean or feel, and that they can trust you.

Donate to a local food bank

Unfortunately, many people will be choosing between heating and eating this winter. Food banks are bracing for a difficult winter ahead.

You can donate to your local food bank and find out about other ways to help by visiting The Trussell Trust website.

Offer your advice

The most important thing when giving advice is not to judge the other person. We all have personal opinions about what we should do or not do, but when we give advice, we have to give someone the tools to make their own decisions.

Moreover, sometimes all a person needs to make the right decision is to know that someone believes in them and that someone thinks they can do the right thing. Be that person for them, especially if no one else can. 

Complete a task for someone

In everyday life, without us noticing it, we probably unknowingly help people by doing tasks. Most people do tasks without being asked or being asked to do them. It may be clearing the table or cleaning the dishes, a simple gesture that is seen as an act of respect and appreciation to the other person. After all, it is considered an act of kindness to help someone do a task without expecting anything in return.

Have compassion

Compassion is a feeling of benevolence with a willingness to help a person that is struggling. Showing compassion shows that we understand the person and that we want to help them. It also shows your support, so it is an act of kindness.

Give a compliment

One way to spread kindness is to give compliments. Sometimes, receiving a compliment makes your day better. Complimenting a person can be about a physical aspect, or a character trait, but it should be as sincere as possible.. It is also important to compliment a person on a personal achievement, as this helps the person to pursue their goals, as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem. These are small gestures, but they can do a lot for a person.

Give someone a gift

Giving someone a gift, or even a small token of appreciation, can be very pleasant and enjoyable for the person receiving it. But giving a handmade gift is even more valuable than a purchased gift as it expresses the interest you have in them and what makes them special to you.

Be Kind to Yourself

While it is great to look out for others, you need to put your own oxygen mask on first as they say.

After such a long and difficult couple of years, it is important to look after yourself too – whether that is saying ‘no’ when you feel under pressure to say yes, or picking up that delicious pastry as a treat to yourself! Whatever self-care looks like to you, it is always important to remember to be kind to yourself.


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