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Headway Glasgow, affiliated to the wider Headway network, works with people
who have an acquired brain injury, their families and carers in the Glasgow area.

We aim to provide


On brain injury and its effects and on the practical help that is available


For people affected by an acquired brain injury


For people affected by an acquired brain injury

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can happen to anyone in an instant and change their life forever.

It can happen as a result of a road traffic accident, an assault, a fall, an infection or a spontaneous bleed in the brain.

The effects can be devastating. ABI can affect people’s physical abilities like their walking and their vision;

their cognitive abilities like their memory and thinking; and their emotions leading to depression and anger.

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Here are some of Headway Glasgow’s activities. Some of our groups have their own page on our website and you can see more there. We can arrange an informal meeting to get your details and give you information about our groups. You will be able to come along and see what the group is like before committing yourself. Contact Bob Bogle or Gwen at the phone number or email address above or use the Get in touch form. You can look at our calendar to see what group meetings are planned for the next few weeks.

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