Creative Writing Group 2 pm to 4pm every Wednesday with Alan

The group meets weekly on a Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. There are usually around 6-8 people at each session, and we enjoy writing, reading and listening during the meeting time. Some people write regularly, some occasionally, and where physically writing is a challenge, we try to support each other to get our thoughts down on paper or at the very least, verbally shared with the group. The atmosphere is relaxed, there is no pressure to share your writing or read aloud, and we always aim for comments to be offered in a positive and constructive way.

Some of the members of the present group have been involved in previously published collections of work by Headway Glasgow. However, some people had never written before coming to the group, so be inspired by what you read in these collections and definitely don’t be daunted! We hope to share some of our writing now on the website and potentially have some articles in the Headway Glasgow Newsletter, and another collection and launch party is always a promising possibility.

If you would like to join us, please contact Mr Alan Moir who can take some details from you and invite you to your first week.

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Our Group Members have written these pieces for our webpage:


My bike is blessed

My bike is special

Special creates hope

Hope blesses dreams

Dreams can come true

My bike gives life

My bike gives freedom

To create the ‘new me’.


An Outwardly Eye

By Graeme Lockhart

Saturday nights certainly are made for dancing.  On a night that would have had you on course to be transported back to the wonderful 80’s.  A social     tone was set which saw    a curious punter flock to the venue.  Word of mouth had certainly spread the word that the soul train was coming on through and you better catch a lift.  A night of sheer anticipation was ahead, a buzz was in, the atmosphere, like the audience were hooked up to a bose cinematic surround sound.  It was followed by a long standing Mexican wave as the people were on their feet stamping and uncontrollably dancing.  Our stage was a choir who were all united in the emblem of the Soul Choir, led by their choir master they used their superpower to amaze all who attended in vocal harmony.  They went from tenors, altos and  senaltos belting vibrations into the airwaves that would have Whoopi Goldberg’s choir in mere support.   Musical elation took centre stage.  What was once a vision was there to be seen in all its professional finery and precise execution.

The love train is certainly one to catch as it does not stop, from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, transform my individual into something more akin to “we are family” and “got all my brothers and sisters with me”.

By Anonymous

He wished and told me his wish and what he wished for.  After telling me he gets confused.  He does not understand what a wish is …….”If I say to you, when you have or make a wish, have you ever thought and felt that the wish is a subscription for a service that’s used for the future?  If you have to, can you cancel the subscription for the wish?”

You are 8 years old then turn 8 upside down you are still 8 years old.  As you are 8 years old, every single year has 12 months so then it is your 8 years x 12 months = 96, so turn the 96 upside down, it’s still the same 96.

How the Weather Can Affect Mood

It is very easy to blame our mood on the weather. We talk about the weather often. It is a good conversation starter, especially if there has been some unusual weather recently. However, it is difficult to separate out how much our mood is already affected by everything else that is going on in our lives.

I find it easier to feel more positive about things if it is a dry day with a beautiful blue sky above. If it is cold and wet outside I tend to feel more miserable about things, and anything bad seems in my mind to be even worse. It feels better to stay indoors cosy warm and put the television on.

No matter what the weather is like I feel better if I have done something constructive with my day. So, if it is raining I can make good use of it by staying in and doing some writing or housework. I can only settle to do these things indoors after putting on my waterproofs and warm clothes and going out for a brisk walk.

Much research has been done on the relationship between the weather and our mood. Daylight triggers many chemical reactions in our brains that make us more alert and happy. In daylight we cease to produce the sleep hormone, melatonin. Instead, we produce the feel good hormone, serotonin. So, in theory, we would tend to feel happier in the summer months when there are more hours of daylight. Some antidepressants work by increasing the levels of serotonin in our brain.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression. The effects of sunlight or lack of it are amplified to the point where it gets in the way of everyday life. SAD lamps are available to purchase which effectively replicate sunshine. As a result they give the user a positive response if they are lacking daylight.

Any weather that affects our lifestyle and makes things more difficult can contribute to our low mood. This could be rain, snow, wind, ice or unusually high or low temperatures.

Other research found that the impact of weather on our mood can depend on what ‘weather personality type’ we are in the first place. Some people love the summer, others the winter, while some are unaffected.

One day recently the snow lay quite deep. It was very cold so I put on warm clothes and went out for a walk. I enjoyed listening to the sound of the snow crunching underneath my boots. The streets looked quite beautiful. Another day I was out for a hill walk with full waterproofs on. The rain was torrential and when I looked out the window I did not initially feel like going. I was glad I did though, because I had a really good day out, enjoyed the company, a good walk and I enjoyed the evening in front of the television eating pizza all the more. But, I would not have felt so happy had I returned home to find out that my roof was leaking or the pipes frozen.

Just to further highlight how difficult it is to separate the weather’s influence on our mood. One day although it was a beautiful day outside I stayed in and just watched television all day and ate cheese on toast. I felt pretty miserable and promised myself that I would get out the next day for some fresh air whatever the weather.


Pandora’s work is also featured in our books below.


Insight out cover

Headway Glasgow has published two books written by members of the Writers’ Group. The most recent book, Insight Out, was completed in 2015 and is now available from Amazon as a Kindle edition.

In 2013, the first book, All Blocks Gone, sold out in print form but is still available from Amazon as a Kindle edition.

These books are amazing achievements and well worth reading. Click on the appropriate link if you want to buy a copy.