Walking Group

This event is postponed at present due to Covid-19.

The Walking group meets on Friday afternoons to walk in local parks. Mainly the group is walking 4 miles-  a round trip from Headway to the Botanic Garden’s via the Kelvin Walkway.  Here is a route map for the walk.  

WG poster

The group splits into two or three smaller groups now- with the faster walkers doing the full route and the slower walkers doing an adapted route along University Avenue (there is a bigger hill there so it feels like it balances out in terms of effort!). The group usually meets up at The Atrium Cafe on Cresswell Street for a Coffee at around 3pm (or sooner depending on fitness on the day). People will either return to Headway from there, or a few folk head off on transport from the cafe- its is up to each person what they want to do. The average attendance is around 11 people in total.   Anyone who is interested- either just come along or let me know if you need more info, contact us on 0141 332 8878 or at info@headwayglasgow.org for details.


Here is a wee report from last year by one of the walkers:

“Most of us met at the Renfield Centre at 1.30pm. We took a bus to the entrance of Kelvingrove Park where we met some others. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a lovely walk through the park. Some of us walked uphill to the highest point in the park while others took the lower level route. There were about 15 of of us, so walking at our differing paces we separated into smaller groups. We all met at a cafe on Gibson Street where we had a drink, a snack and chatted about how much we had enjoyed the walk. We were walking for about an hour and a half. Some of us talked about how we could extend the walk along the Kelvin to the Botanics next time.”

Some more photos from recent walks and well-deserved café stops: