Uke & Friends Group

Aly with Her Ukelele

We are delighted to share with members that Uke and Friends has now launched with support from Aly Wilma. Headway UK has well documented the therapeutic potential to mental health, cognitive functioning, memory as well as the satisfaction of learning something new. It is for all these positive reasons that the Headway Glasgow Committee backed Aly Wilma to mentor members pick up the ukulele. 

What is a Ukulele?

The ukulele (nicknamed a ‘uke’) is a four-stringed instrument from Hawaii and with only two cords you can play hundreds of songs. So, it’s a great starter instrument as well as being a new popular addition to the music world.

We appreciate following an ABI, memory can be a challenge. That’s why the uke is such a wonderful instrument. Within a few hours, you can be playing some popular songs. So, if Lady Gaga or the Beatles are your heroes, you could be strumming their music. How wonderful is that?

How does Uke & Friends work?

Sessions are weekly with mini 10 minute follow up sessions to aid memory. Everybody has a different learning style and for that reason currently lessons are individual. The sessions have lesson plans and fully tailored to learning needs.

Members will also be introduced to their learning routes with Music Broth, Youtube, workbooks and patron membership with uke influencers.

Our ambition, following easing of lock down, is to form Uke and Friends. This will be a uke community supported by mentors and available to all. Once confidence grows, Aly is hoping to establish group lessons as well.

All ukes, equipment and song sheets are available to members and sessions are currently supported through WhatsApp, which for some is a little easier than zoom.

Do I need to own a Ukulele?

Aly Wilma currently has five ukes on loan and three participants. We have also established positive links with Music Broth, a Glasgow charity that lends musical instruments, including ukes and offers music classes. 

So, if you have an ambition to try something new, and learn something new, the uke is available to members.

How do I get Started?

Headway Glasgow hopes that this will become an established addition to our Headway programme and look forward to creating a musical community within Headway.  Find out about joining Uke & friends by contacting use the Get in touch form to get more details.

Ukulele Demo from Aly: