Guest Post – Aly Wilma on Volunteering

We have all offered to volunteer at some stage in our life. Maybe at church, the local youth football team, a charity jumble sale or helping a friend with a fundraiser. Volunteering is as varied as the individual volunteering. Your volunteer commitment could be a one off experience or a longer term commitment.

I have influenced volunteer programs so that folk who need a little extra help can get that help without fuss or compromise. I will give you a nice example. I wanted to further my tennis coaching qualification but felt I didn’t maybe have the stamina to keep up. I am proud to share with you that the tennis people have listened and are going to run a pilot coaching course in June 2021 for people that need some extra consideration. How wonderful is that? So being a volunteer allows me to be a positive role model and advocate for ABI. 

Volunteering with an ABI

Having an ABI places you in a unique position to offer your services, as you know what matters. Having an ABI is life changing. In many ways so is volunteering. To be a volunteer you need to be reliable, as well as passionate and interested in the field you are offering your time and energy to. If you need a little support or understanding, most organisations running volunteer programmes are happy to make reasonable adjustments.

So be honest. Be yourself. You have a lot to offer. Don’t over commit. Volunteering takes time and energy, so take it gently to start with. Once you are in the groove and gaining in confidence, then you can offer more time. It’s best to succeed in the early stages. So be realistic with your volunteer goals. Plus try to stay local, so transport and getting there is not a major challenge. 

Why Volunteer?

Why discuss volunteering during lockdown or when the country is working hard to keep safe?

As you all know, Headway Glasgow is refreshing the way that we are delivering our services and taking full advantage of the growth in Zoom and other social media platforms. We are also keen to learn from our members, and those who volunteer outwith Headway and have positive things to report. So just like Headway refreshing our approach, maybe this is time for you to think about resetting your personal goals and connection to new things.

Volunteering could be the answer to open new doors. It will help you establish relationships, as well as giving you a sense of purpose. We know that when we are happier, our mental health is improved and issues with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem ease. We also know that people with an ABI, who have had to give up work, miss working deeply. So being an active volunteer can fill that void, plus allow you to blossom in areas that you have an interest in. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The world is a changed place. We also know that life is a journey. So if volunteering is something to aim towards there are a number of places that can help. 

Volunteer Centre, Glasgow. Have a data base of all volunteer opportunities. You can call 0141 226 3431 from Monday – Thursday.

Glasgow City Council are looking to enlist friendly volunteers, for the Climate Conference this summer. Volunteer applications welcome. Closing date 31 March 2021. COP26. Just google, Climate Conference Glasgow and all information will come up on your screen. 

If you need a chat about volunteering, please send an email to

Furthermore, if you need help to complete application forms, Headway Glasgow can be there for you. I am also available and would be honoured to give you a helping hand to get you on that volunteer journey. 

Be all you think you can be ! 

-Aly Wilma

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